Mohr World Consulting services are now being offered by CrossTech Consultants, expanding our commitment to the Cross-Border Payments, Money Transfer and Remittance industry around the world.



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MWC was established in 2001 based on the consulting work of global money transfer expert Hugo Cuevas-Mohr. With presence in the United States (Miami, Florida), Latin America (Mexico City) and Europe (Madrid, Spain) MWC has grown to cater to the needs of the Cross Border Money Transfer & Payments Industry in different regions in the world and in many disciplines. The aim of MWC is to support companies and institutions to thrive, developing competitive advantages for them, by designing, implementing, and supporting successful initiatives.

We can help your Business Development Group with strategic advice and clear- cut orientation to define a path, create a solution, achieve results. We can help your Compliance & Regulatory Area, your Marketing Team, your Technology Unit, help you with partnership building, develop distribution networks and find the clients in the industry that need your services & products.

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Licensing & Regulatory Assistance

Entering a new territory? Need to apply for a license? We can help you. Ask us

International Financial Entities

Puerto Rico has been attracting investments for its growing International Financial Services Sector. We help develop & advise IFEs. Ask us.

Compliance Management

No field of expertise in the financial industry has evolved more than Compliance. Be in the forefront. Make a change. Talk to us.

Marketing and Data Management

Is your digital strategy lacking good advice? We can help you. Ask us

Contractual Agreements

We help contracts make sense, fuel growth, be fair. We work with legal counsel and give you our expert advice.

And much more...

Mohr World offers many different services for all your needs. Learn more today.

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Remittance as a Service RaaS

We think that from 2020 on, the expansion of RaaS will be huge. Ask us.


US Check Cashing

US Checks still circulate around the world. Let us help you help your clients. Ask us.


Rewards & Loyalty

R&L is the best way to keep customers coming. P2P, B2B, anyway you go. Ask us


International Financial Entities

We have helped IFEs in Puerto Rico start & expand. Ask us.


Payment Platforms & Protocols

We are always in constant interactivity with the payment platform providers. Ask us.


Reputational Risk Assessment

We know the industry. We can give you a RRA better than most. Ask us

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“Never trust the version that people give of themselves — it is utterly unreliable.”

                                                                   – Robert Greene

In this site, we are giving you the best version of ourselves. And as Mr. Greene says in his quote, it might be unreliable. So why trust that we can be your partner?

  • Because we have been advising the industry for twenty years and we have a great track record?

  • Because we will only offer our services and bring you solutions when we know we can be successful helping you?

  • Because we can be utterly honest in giving you our opinions and ideas?

  • Because we can help you be the best you can be… and push you further?

  • Because we are teamplayers and will wear your colors with pride?

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