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We have a long-standing practice helping Business Associations and Trade Groups connected to the Cross Border Money Transfer and Payment industry. We help them get founded, get organized or re-organized, help them with best practices, and guide them along the way. We have done it before. Let us help you. Ask us.

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Association Advice

MOHR WORLD, his founder & corporate partners, have a long-standing practice helping Business Associations and Trade Groups be founded, get organized and develop. All Associations, including getting started, have their challenges: financial, management, member participation, succession, evolution, government relations, etc. Through experience, we have been able to help founding members rise and take an idea forward, maybe with very little support, until the group matures and gains momentum. We can help associations in every step of their life cycle, even when it seems to be seeing its last days.

Business Associations take patience and continuous work. Associations need to be fair and representative. They have to answer to the desires and needs of the most and not the few. Succession is key. Some Associations are only marketing & sales machines. Many associations grow stale and lose the support of their members or the respect of authorities in being a voice for a group, trade or industry.

We form partnerships with Associations to help them get started, guide them on their first steps and devise ways to grow the Association, resolve issues so they can become an important voice for its members. We help them with their social media or communications, is that’s a channel that must be developed further. We help them with events, forums, seminars or moderate meetings.

We don’t have out-of-the-box solutions. We have experience that we use and shape. We listen, ask questions and look at ways to participate & intervene. We present ideas and possible solutions. We might think is very little that we can do and we will tell you so, frankly and honestly.

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