2021: The year that might be

Most of my industry information has come from doing the IMTC Conferences for the past 10 years, from the panels and roundtables that I moderate or participate in. IMTC, as most event companies, had a rough year as we postponed IMTC LATAM in Buenos Aires, IMTC EMEA in London and IMTC ASIA in Vietnam. We decided not to postpone IMTC WORLD 2020 and do a virtual event. As I told my team…

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2020: The year that was

We will always remember 2020 as the Covid year and everything that went on as part of this unprecedented year. It was a year that changed history and will continue to make changes to our lives and livelihoods. In the financial services industry, we are still analyzing the changes that have occurred and the ones

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Meet Sandra Yao: Trailblazing the Way Chinese Business, Payments Interoperability, and Innovation Culture Flourish in Africa

By Olivia Chow Thunes offers a global platform that provides seamless transfer of funds between payment systems in more than 100 countries and 60 currencies. The company was born last year as the cross-border payments offspring of TransferTo, which was established in 2005 beginning with a mobile top-up and rewards business that has become the…

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Meet Patrice Kiiru and His Outlook on African Remittances

Equity Bank, once technically declared insolvent in 1993, now has more than 9 million customers, more than any other bank in Africa with nearly half of the bank accounts in Kenya. The company’s vision is “to be the champion of the socio-economic prosperity of the people of Africa,” with an agent-based model that has won…

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Latin America: Migration, Remittances and Market Impact

Both social and economic trends in Latin American and Caribbean countries are increasingly shaped by migration and its intersection with development and economic growth. Therefore, understanding future of migration and how its affect the region can offer cues as to the direction countries will take. An outlook of migration in Latin America and the Caribbean…

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The Growth of Migrant Services

Migrant Services Providers, from Travel & Foreign Exchange, to Remittances, airtime (top-ups), bill payment and now courier services, keep agents afloat while digital services continue their growth Download PDF Money Transfer Agents are a common feature in all migrant neighborhoods in cities across all the 5 continents. Full of services for migrants, they normally serve…

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