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No field of expertise in the financial industry has evolved more than Compliance. Be in the forefront. Make a change. Talk to us.

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Compliance Management

No field of expertise in the money transfer, remittances, and cross-border payment industry has evolved more – besides what technology experts might argue, than Compliance. Company owners and CEOs that have lived the evolution process of compliance of the last 10-15 years still have the feeling that compliance is annoying, burdensome, onerous and an area of the business that they would prefer to avoid.

A new breed of business managers in the industry have made compliance personnel part of the team and involve them in the development of product & services, the partnerships they develop with other companies and the communication with regulators (and law enforcement, if needed).  Compliance professional’s attitudes and relationships inside the corporate structure have also been changing. From being a “business deterrence” unit, compliance teams are becoming “business enhancement” units.

We at Mohr World, work with companies to develop their compliance teams and support their compliance needs. Mohr World Corporate Partners can help you create operational and compliance manuals that are effective, help in conducting independent audits and reviews (for themselves or to business partners & clients), help in finding the best KYC or AML/CTF software systems to minimize risk, etc. A simple call where you discuss with us your needs is a step that might open the door to solutions that can bring the peace of mind everyone needs in managing compliance competently and efficiently.

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