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Contractual Agreements

Partnerships have made the money transfer, remittances and cross-border payment industry what it is today. From the trust systems that gave rise to informal networks such as Hawala Systems in many parts of the world to the high-tech digital transactional exchanges that we manage today, the need to serve clients in different parts of the world and successfully compete in the many corridors, have relied on solid partnership agreements across borders. The evolution of these relationships, the regulatory variance between jurisdictions, the increase compliance responsibilities of the different partners and cybersecurity threats have led to major changes in the contractual agreements between parties.

Mohr World Corporate Partners, legal counsel, regulatory and business experts, work together to develop these contractual agreements and are ready to analyze and help companies achieve the best arrangements that suit the nature of the business relationships. But, most of all, agreements must manage the eventualities that might arise and we believe that only experts in the field that have the experience can advise on the possible contingency measures that must be part of any contractual agreement in place today.

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