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Hugo Cuevas-Mohr was born in Guatemala in 1955. The son of immigrants, a French mother & a Colombian father that met as students in Canada, they moved to Colombia where he did his schooling at the Lycée Français Paul Valery in Cali, Colombia. He has a Bachelor’s degree from WPI and a Masters from Auburn University, both in the U.S. as well as a Diploma on Development by the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium.

He is currently the Director of Mohr World Consulting, a consultancy firm based in Miami, Florida with offices in Mexico City and Madrid. Mohr World’s corporate partners provide a network of consulting expertise, unique in the industry.  Hugo is the CEO of The Platinum Network, the umbrella company for IMTC, the International Money Transfer & Cross Border Payment Conferences, Regliance as well as the RemTECH Awards – the Remittances Innovation Awards. He is an advisor to Fintechs & Crypto/Blockchain based companies.


In 1987, after three years as a teacher, the foreign exchange family business was in need of a software/hardware solution and Hugo was hired to help in its implementation. He learned there the remittances business from its inception. His international experience, proficiency in three languages, his IT knowledge, made the company, TITAN, grow and evolve as the number one in the country and one of the most successful companies in the continent with over 450 employees and 75 offices in 3 continents.

He sold his shares of the company in 2007, kept Serviexpreso in Costa Rica until it was sold in 2015. He developed @RED Internacional, a network of Money Transfer Operators in Latin America to develop common practices and unify their technological undertakings.

He became an international money transfer consultant in 2001 helping Banks and Non-Banks in Latin America and Europe develop remittance units, distribution networks, assist in Mergers & Acquisitions, develop new products & services, etc.

He is a frequent speaker and many international financial services conferences in subjects ranging from the growth of NBFIs (Non-Bank Financial Institutions) and Fintech, the role of Banking, to the trends, challenges and opportunities in the remittance market, from the traditional agent-based model to the digital payment systems, the new fintechs, including the development of Bitcoin & Blockchain Remittance Service Providers. You can view the conferences he has been invited as a speaker as well as the titles of his presentations here: Hugo’s Resume.

He has been an advisor to many trade associations in this space, such as the MSBA (Money Service Business Association) which he founded with a group of colleagues in the industry and works with many other consultants, legal counsel, auditors, independent reviewers, etc. in a number of money transfer projects/strategies.


Hugo got his BA in Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), in Worcester, Mass., USA, and graduated in 1976 with High Honors. He got his Master’s at Auburn University, Auburn, AL, USA, in 1978 and a DIPLOMA from UNIVERSITE CATHOLIQUE DE LOUVAIN, Belgique at the Institut d’études du développement in 1981.


Three important jobs in his life developed a strong sense of the complexities of migratory issues and the drivers of migration.

In 1973 while attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), in Worcester, Mass. as a second-year student he worked for the Dean of International Students, helping foreign students to adjust to local customs and behaviors. He coordinated the Venezuelan & Saudi government programs bringing large numbers of students from these countries into WPI. But adapting to the US didn’t imply the possibility of staying, but many did, “jumping ship”.

In 1979 he joined Hogares Juveniles Campesinos, a Colombian non-profit foundation that develops educational-vocational projects to stop youth migration fro rural areas by developing self-sustaining farms near town centers where children can go to the local school, learn agricultural practices at the farm and stay close to their families. When they finish school they can go back to their farms better prepared for their lives as farmers.

In 1982 he joined UNICEF’s PLADEICOP project in the Pacific Coast of Colombia. The project in its early stages did a number of pilot development programs in the region and Hugo was stationed in El Naranjo, a very isolated riverine settlement made up of grandparents and their grandchildren, left by parents who had migrated to the distant urban areas of the country. PLADEICOP or Plan de desarrollo integral para la Costa Pacífica became a long time running development project for the region.

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“My reputation? Consulting is a no-win situation – if they make a profit they forget that it was you who advised it, but if they make a loss they never stop reminding you… and telling others.”

– From a quote by Jeffrey Archer

Companies Institutions and Projects

      • Development of several Courses (Presential & Online) in Money Transfers, Compliance and Technology.
      • Development of an International Money Transfers Certification Course
      • Publication of the policy-setting document “Understanding the Brazil Parallel Market” (December 2011)
      • Development of IMTC, International Money Transfer, Remittances and Cross-Border Payments Conferences
      • Development of the Remittances Innovation Awards, Remtech
      • Consulting and Development of various Remittance Software Program deployed in South & Central America, Europe & the US
      • Joint Market Remittances Development Project in the Venezuela-Colombia and the Ecuador-Colombia Remittance Corridors
      • North American Money Transfer Business Development for Banks in Central America and the Dominican Republic
      • Development of the Remittance Market in the US for South American Money Transfer Networks
      • Development of @RED Internacional (Perú, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Panamá, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala)
      • Valuation as well as Merger & Acquisiton Projects in Central, South America, the US, and Europe
      • Joint Marketing Campaigns for MTOs in both sides of several remittance corridors (North-South)
      • Promotional Advertising Campaigns in the Independence Day festivities of a number of migrant groups in the US & Spain.
      • Strategic Planning and International Development Strategies for MTOs and Bill Payment institutions
      • Collaboration with the NMTA (National Money Transmitters Assoc.) 2009-2013 and founder of the Money Service Business Association (MSBA) in the US.

“Life requires more doing than dreaming of doing to make a dream, reality.”

― Richelle E. Goodrich

Case Studies