Meetings. Compliance Seminars. Partner Meetings. Agent Events.

If you need us to plan a meeting for your company, you can’t find a better partner. From a meeting with experts, a meeting with potential clients in a region or country, a Compliance Day with experts, presentations and panels, where we invite regulators, law enforcement, your clients, agents or correspondents, investors: we can do it for you. Training Sessions for Agents, Product or Services roll-outs, we can handle it. We might find ways to find sponsors that might help with the costs, or experts that might not charge to come, participants that will pay a registration fee… we will design a strategy for you. We can also help your best employees to make excellent presentations.

We can build a conference for you. From the ground up. We partner with IMTC‘s Team for a number of these services. Their experience is unmatched in this industry.

“Be creative while inventing ideas, but be disciplined while implementing them.”

― Amit Kalantri
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“Ask yourself: Are the returns on my journey larger than the length of the road behind me? If your answer is no, then stop and build yourself another journey”

From a quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough