Company Type: Money Transfer Company

Description of the Company: Pangea is a MTO in USA. They have a mobile app that  allows users to complete a transfer and pay with their bank account or any US debit card. you can transfer money to many countries across Asia and Latin America.

Country: USA

Type of Service Offering: They offer a White-Label (WL) product so companies can put their logo in the app and manage transfers from the US. If the institution is a payer in any place in the world and a recognizable brand, they could use the WL and drive their customers in the US to their branded App.

Compensation: Revenue Sharing Options provided by Pangea to MWC

Procedure: Interested companies should be offered the product, fill a questionnaire provided (google doc link), and then presented to Pangea for evaluation. The company has to commit to a volume or pay a monthly fee. The contract is negotiable.

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