Rob Ayers

Rob Ayers is a payment and remittance veteran, with over 25 years in the industry. He has held positions with a variety of companies, from publicly-traded firms and global businesses to startups and early stage entities. He has been an executive of 3 licensed money transmitters and managed the P&L for various regions around the world. Has also run sales and marketing organizations and worked both sides of mergers and acquisitions.

In 2016, Rob established Fintech Advisors, focusing on supporting clients in the payments and remittance industries, both consumer and business to business. Fintech Advisors’ aim is to enhance fintech efforts to build a solid business plan and market strategy, assist in acquiring critical banking relationships, advise on proper regulatory compliance program development that meets state and federal standards, introduce potential investor groups and help manage critical customer associations and investor relationships.

Past employers include:

  • Citicorp:  He helped develop and launch the first premium bank cards.
  • American Express:  He was on the Marketing development team that successfully launched the American Express Platinum Card
  • MoneyGram:  He was considered by some the “Father of MoneyGram” for his project lead role that first brought MG to market; he then held various positions, including an Executive member of the Board of Directors for the public company, 1996-1998.
  • Travelex/Coinstar/Grupo Express: He ran the Americas for sales, marketing, and business development and was part of the divestiture team when it was sold in 2011.
  • WorldRemit: He led the US licensing and market development function in 2014
  • Chartwell Compliance: As Chief Commercial Officer, he helped grow the company’s revenues substantially by signing US and foreign-based firms to long-term regulatory and state licensing projects.

“Let’s create, and if it works, it works, and if it doesn’t, we’ll create something else. Don’t have any limitations on what you think you could do or be.”

– From a quote by Oprah Winfrey